About ‘Speaking Dutch’

About Me

It’s all about knowing what to say and ‘daring to speak’.

I was educated in the Netherlands and gained a BA in Sociology in the UK and a TEFL qualification in second language acquisition in Seville. I taught English in Spain and Dutch in the UK.

It all started when a good friend of mine fell in love with a tall and handsome Dutchman. This led to teaching and taking her through a Dutch Language course A2 level. The rest is history as the saying goes.

I am very committed and enjoy teaching my native Dutch language to those who are either in love with Dutch people, have Dutch family and friends, or are looking to further their career in the Netherlands.

Learning a language requires time, commitment, dedication and determination. With regular weekly lessons and a little homework, you are able to achieve your Dutch language needs and goals.

Some years ago, I studied French in Paris and English in Canterbury. I therefore understand the frustration students can experience when learning a language.

I am happy to work with you online, privately one to one, in small groups, and at your place of work. You will find me patient and supportive in all aspects of learning Dutch and attentive to your Dutch language needs.

Please see what other students say in their testimonials.