Dutch Language Courses

dutch language courses

It’s all about ‘knowing what to say’ and
‘daring to speak’.

Dutch Language Courses:


Beginners Course:

This course will take you to level A2 of CEFR. Method NT2. The purpose of this course is to learn basic structures, vocabulary, and grammar. You will be able to communicate quickly in Dutch, so that you are able to understand the essence of the text and also the information given about Dutch culture. This course covers aspects of everyday life in the Netherlands.

Intermediate Course:

This course leads from Level A2 to B1 of CEFR. Method NT2. The focus of this course is to actively develop vocabulary through reading, listening, and speaking practices. It expands on basic grammar and provides further insight into the Dutch language learned in the previous course.

Advanced Course:

Level B1to B2 of CEFR. Method NT2. This course provides extensive word knowledge, fine tuning of grammar and exercises in a much-advanced level of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. We explore interesting research papers and discuss them. Once a month we also have a group speaking lesson. It is an opportunity to meet other students and work together to improve Dutch speaking skills.

Perfect Dutch Language Course:

Level B2 to C1. Method NT2. This higher level Dutch Language course is required to function well in an academic or professional work environment.