Macauley – The Netherlands

I’ve been working with Ria as my Dutch tutor since September 2021, and I strive to have a weekly lesson.

Ria is an exceptional Dutch tutor with extensive teaching experience. She takes the time to assess your existing knowledge and skill level, providing tailored support to help you improve. Her teaching is well-structured, offering practical exercises to reinforce your learning. Ria’s encouragement and motivation inspire you to give your best effort. She emphasizes independent thinking and a deep understanding of the language.

Ria’s main objective is to ensure your comprehensive understanding of the language, not just aiming for exam success.
Given my unpredictable schedule, Ria has shown remarkable flexibility, allowing me to reschedule lessons when necessary.
Her patience and readiness to assist with any questions make her an outstanding Dutch tutor. I wholeheartedly recommend her teaching.

I eagerly anticipate continuing this learning journey with her.