Yorgis and Kath – Netherlands

We found Ria on LinkedIn Octobe 2021, a couple of months before we moved from the UK to the Netherlands. My wife and I started having online lessons once a week since then. My wife is English and I am Greek. We have found Ria's online tutoring excellent. She is very flexible and accommodating which is great help to us as we have young children and both work full time. She's been very patient with us and lessons are varied and interesting. We've progressed to A2 level and planning to continue on to more advanced Dutch.

I've been working with Ria as my Dutch tutor since September 2021, and I strive to have a weekly lesson. Ria is an exceptional Dutch tutor with extensive teaching experience. She takes the time to assess your existing knowledge and skill level, providing tailored support to help you improve. Her teaching is well-structured, offering practical exercises to reinforce your learning. Ria's encouragement and motivation inspire you to give your best effort. She emphasizes independent thinking and a deep understanding of the language. Ria's main objective is to ensure your comprehensive understanding of the language, not just aiming for exam success. Given my unpredictable schedule, Ria has shown remarkable flexibility, allowing me to reschedule lessons when necessary. Her patience and readiness to assist with any questions make her an outstanding Dutch tutor. I wholeheartedly recommend her teaching. I eagerly anticipate continuing this learning journey with her.

I have been learning Dutch on-line with Ria for a couple of years. Ria is good fun and very patient. As she has lived in the UK for a long time, she speaks fluent English which is helpful as she can clearly explain the subtleties of the Dutch language. Whether I’ll ever be as fluent in Dutch as she is in English is doubtful – but I am making progress and really enjoy the lessons!

I am delighted to have found Ria van den Nieuwboer as a Dutch tutor. It was a challenging task for her to take over a group of learners who have been together for two years, but she has done a great job in assessing our level and developing a course of study for us that we all enjoy and appreciate - thank you, Ria!

Ria translated a personal letter for me, and she handled it with such care, dedication and professionalism. Excellent communication and a friendly/confident approach. Thanks again Ria, the letter was very well received.

Ria is an excellent tutor; I couldn't have wished for a better one. After just a couple of months of working together, I've made tremendous progress taking weekly lessons. She is very good at explaining complex things. Together, we're well on the way for me to be better integrated with my Dutch in-laws, as well as to me passing the integration exam.

Ria is an experienced and enthusiastic Dutch teacher who immediately instils confidence. She really understands the process of learning a foreign language. She is excellent at explaining not only grammatical points, but also the quirkiness of everyday colloquial Dutch. I could not have found a better Dutch tutor - highly recommended.

I have been studying with Ria now for five months and could not be happier with her lessons. Ria is very friendly and easy to study with. She is very patient, and her lessons take you through a structured course. I would highly recommend starting lessons with her. I feel more confident after every lesson and have progressed more with the language than I ever thought I could. Ria is great for providing homework and is always happy to help with any problems I have. After some time in her lessons, she managed to pair me up with one of her other students so we could study together in our own time which has been great and really helped us both. Excellent teacher, very happy I chose her!

Ria is an excellent teacher who takes time to understand your skill level and work with you to improve from there. She has a very good approach to teaching and encourages you to challenge yourself.

Ria is a very experienced and skilled teacher who goes through a structured course with patience and combines her teaching with cultural learning. Her deep knowledge of both English and Dutch languages, and of British and Dutch cultures, have been wonderful to work with as a student. She can often take a Dutch expression - explain it in both the cultures, which is very useful to feel more at ease with Dutch. Lessons with Ria are relaxed, and a very exciting journey in getting to a point where one can read/write/listen-to and speak in the Dutch language! I highly recommend her!